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MORA vs Regan
Arco Arena – Sacramento, Ca

Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora will fight at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, Ca on August 25, 2006 against Eric Regan (26-2). If you are unable to attend, this event will be televised on ESPN. Be sure and mark your calendar so you don’t miss out on the Latin Snake’s next great battle!!

MORA vs Termeliksetian
Aladdin Resort & Casino – MAY 4, 2006

Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora will fight at the Aladdin Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 4, 2006. This special Latin Warriors event also includes Contender contestants Alphonso Gomez, Miguel Espino, and David Reid. Get your tickets at Ticketmaster, at the Aladdin Box Office, or by calling (702) 747-4000.

MORA VS MANFREDO 2: Post Fight Comments
October 17, 2005

First things first, for those wondering, I received 29 stitches on my left eye. And YES! It was 100%, totally and positively a head butt. After analyzing the fight, around half way into the first round, we barely “grazed” heads, it didn’t bleed instantly, but if you see from my pawing at my eye I knew I was cut. I gestured towards the referee to catch his attention on it, but there was no break. I think that is when we exchanged punches and I finally began to bleed profusely. I could understand how it was confused for a punch. But thank God the doctor didn’t stop the fight, because at that point, Manfredo would of won.

I give a lot of credit to Peter Manfredo Jr. fighting a good and poised fight. He was strong and sharp and came to win. I regret the fact I didn’t close the show the way I should of, or planned, but I also didn’t plan to get cut as ugly as I did in the first round. I hope my fans understand how hard it is to fight when your eye is clogged with blood. Although I fought a tough fight, I was too anxious to fight a smart one. In the world of boxing, cuts like mine don’t get the opportunity to continue. I was fighting impatient and it showed. Not once was I ever hurt by any punches, and although punch stats showed Manfredo threw and “supposedly” landed more punches, after watching the video, I am convinced I easily landed the more effective punches. (Which is what judges score.) This was not a Snake performance and I apologize for that. I blame that on the cut and the flu I had barely gotten over the week before. Either way, thank God, the outcome of the fight was a great one. I retained the title and am still undefeated. And unbelievably, over 10,000 people came out to support us at the Staple Center and ESPN’s ratings were higher than ever.

For all you who have been supporting me and The Contender thank you from the bottom of my heart. Whether you are excited about the outcome of my last fight or not, know that when I fight, I will give the viewers my best performance possible. And for my Snake Pit, maaaan, I will bleed for you guys any day. God bless everyone. See ya’ as soon as I heal up! I promise…

SERGIO “The Latin Snake” MORA


Post Fight Comments From Sergio Mora

Today is May 29th 2005. In the last week I have been surrounded by loyal fans from Las Vegas to New York. It has been an amazing week of media and travel, pictures and autographs, interviews and handshakes. I thank a lot of the people for the position I’ve been placed in; from Mark Burnett Productions to every one affiliated with the show. I appreciate every single fan who has written and supported me; every fan who has asked me for a picture or for an autograph; every single person who has made me feel great for doing something I simply love to do. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all my immediate family; ESPECIALLY you know who…lol. And just in case everyone is wondering, yes she quit her job! I thank my beautiful mother for being herself and being strong after all these years of struggle and despair. I have never seen my mother so relaxed and stress free in all of her life. And there is truly only God to thank for all of this.

For this fight, I really didn’t do anything different in training to prepare for Peter Manfredo. I always train intensely for every fight. About the only difference was I trained to beat him inside and out. I expected him to be both strong and tough, determined and ready. All I had to do was train to do the same. And I did…

What can I say about the fight. It was magical night. Caesars Palace is known for greatness. It’s like the spirits of past champions linger in the air bringing out the best in all who fight there. I’ll be honest, Manfredo was not my sole concern. Living up to the greatness of Caesars Palace was my main worry. I wanted to shine and make it a memorable night for the fans and everyone outside the show who doubted the quality of us fighters. I feel I achieved that.

I feel this round was close, he was the aggressor, but I landed the better shots. His punches felt hard and he was strong in the inside; but after the end of the first round I knew he would not beat me.

This round looked like most of the fight. The rounds looked close, but in reality they weren’t. I was landing great body shots, which he didn’t expect me to do, and I feel I surprised him on how strong my punches were.

This was a really good round. I feel this was the last of Manfredo’s chances to win. I was getting stronger, not to mention the Latin Snake began to come out, and it felt he was getting discouraged. When he caught me with that solid punch after the bell and didn’t faze me, I think the fight was won there.

I would like to clear up something. When I decided to pick a verbal fight with Manfredo’s corner, I was addressing Peter Sr. and his chief second. They said some stuff, I said my piece, and that was that. It was totally impromptu, and although I don’t regret it, I wanted to clear air.

ROUND 5, 6 AND 7
I feel I won these rounds convincingly and watching them on TV was exciting. The only thing on my mind at this point was Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler when Ray would shoeshine off the ropes. I wanted to be the “Latin Sugar” at this time. When the bell rang ending the bout, I knew I had it won. And if I would have had another round I truly feel I would of stopped him. When the decision was finally announced, I felt like a million bucks!

Right after my fight with Manfredo, I went straight from the press conference to the hospital. I received two cuts, both caused by head butts, and both cuts needed 6 stitches each. Needless to say, I have never been so happy being in at the hospital.

This week has been a whirlwind. I finally got time to address all my fans and I want to tell them all, from the bottom of my heart, my life has changed for the best. I thank every single person who supported me during this entire experience. And although I sincerely believe this was destined to happen, I appreciate faith in my talent and I’m humbled by the support and accolades. God bless…

PostFight Comments, Sunday – May 22, 2005

It’s amazing! I’m fighting Tuesday for $1,000,000. WOW! My dream of fighting in Caesar’s Palace is finally going to become a reality; but above that, I have a chance to be great!

I would like to personally thank you for supporting me on this Contender journey. It’s been a long and difficult struggle for me and my family, but thank God I’ve made something of myself. Boxing was a commitment I endured because I loved the beauty of the sport. The essence of fighting, not only with ones fists, but the actual battle of attrition is what addicted me to the “sweet science.” It truly is a beautiful sport and it’s what I love to do…

Thank you for supporting me throughout the show. And now that you know me a little better, I will be honored if you would continue following the rest of career…Beginning with the Contender Championship THIS TUESDAY night LIVE ON NBC!

God bless…

Sergio “The Latin Snake” Mora

Post Fight Comments – April 25, 2005

Making it to the final eight was amazing. Winning the Toyota Tundra in Las Vegas was a blessing. I thank God for that…Toyota and NBC. Exactly in that order. LOL.

It was great to go to Vegas. Flying there in a private jet with Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard eating lobster, talking boxing was a dream. Getting treated like true Roman gladiators at Caesars Palace was unbelievable! Overall, that was maybe one of the best moments of my life. Coming back from a dream to reality was the hard part. No more playing around in Vegas. Time to fight! I just didn’t expect it to be Ishe. Not yet, at least…

I would like to say I have nothing but respect for Ishe Smith. He’s a great father with a very supporting wife and a handsome little boy. And to top it all off, a really dangerous fighter. But after witnessing Ishe’s reactions and mood swings, I knew he was a little emotionally unstable. I knew with fighters like that, strengths could become detrimental if used against them. Especially the misleading ability to punch hard…In a sport like boxing, power is maybe the most overrated quality in a boxer. Other more important factors come to play when fighting and most power-punchers lose focus of that. The hierarchy I follow are: heart, smarts, technique, speed, then power. This order is different for every fighter, and that is why “styles make fights.” For Ishe, his order was the complete opposite of mine. That is why I feel he lost.

Going into the challenge, I couldn’t believe the alliances being formed between FIGHTERS. You expect this in other reality shows, but not in boxing. How wrong I was. I realized survival is universal; no matter if it’s in boxing, surviving on an island, or trying to earn a job. With this in mind, we knew the stakes were high, especially with Ahmed Kaddour back. Ishe and I both knew that if we lost the challenge we were fighting; either each other, or one of us was fighting Babyface the very next day. Although Ishe and I tried to tried hard to win, we came up short. The fight was made by Jesse Brinkley.

All the arguing and yelling going on between Jesse and Ishe, at least I knew, was no big deal. Where I’m from, there’s not much talk. But if I learned anything growing up, it’s that most men try to avoid a fight by any means necessary; even boxers! Unless a man really has to fight and there’s no other alternative other than cowardice, then they will. Other than that, a lot of meaningless threats. But if that’s the case, “why bark, just bite.”

I was ready to fight. My game plan against Ishe was to discourage him by making him miss. Ishe was used to hitting his target, and the target usually folding. Ahmed folded to Ishe’s power, so did 14 other of Ishe’s opponents. Both of us were undefeated. Only one of us was leaving unblemished. As unsure as I was about taking Ishe’s punches, I was 100%sure and determined to win! Sometimes that’s enough…ask Alfonso Gomez. He he.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the episodes . . .– Ep #10: Sunday, 4/24 @ 8pm

– Ep #11: Sunday, 5/1 @ 8pm

– Ep #12: Sunday, 5/8 @ 8pm

– Ep #13: Sunday, 5/15 @ 8pm

– Ep #14: Sunday, 5/22 @ 8pm

– LIVE SHOW: Tues, 5/24 @ 8pm – At Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

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Post Fight Comments – March 21, 2005

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely send my deepest condolences to the Turpin family; especially his beautiful little daughter Anyae.

What a fight …Najai “Nitro” Turpin is a fighter I will never forget. It was an amazing feeling fighting Najai. He was the ONLY boxer I wanted to avoid fighting. In the sport of boxing, styles make fights, and because we were competing to win $1,000,000, that was exactly why I wanted to avoid him.

Najai was everything I expected. He was a Philadelphia fighter, so him being tough was already expected. He was slick, fast and strong, but worst of all, determined! I stepped into the ring knowing it was going to be a close, exciting fight. Everyone thought I was going to use my height and reach advantage to outbox Najai. To be honest, that was a strategy I never considered going into the fight. And I’ll tell you why…

A couple of days before our fight, Najai “strolled” into my room. Anyone who knew Najai, knows he didn’t walk, he strolled. He would hold his hands in front of his chest, smile and “limp” towards you in a cool manner. Najai stood in front of my room where the door was supposed to be, and politely knocked on the rim of my doorless entrance. I invited him inside, curious to know what he wanted. Najai had never talked to me before this moment, so I was stunned when he came in. I figured he probably wanted to borrow a CD since I always heard him singing and rapping. How wrong I was…

To my surprise, Najai stood right in front of me, extended his hand to shake mine and said: ” I think you’re in amazing shape and a great fighter, Sergio. “I wanna fight you.” I had absolutely, nothing to say. He let go of my hand and strolled out of my room. I looked at Miguel, who was laying in the bed next to me and told him, “that takes balls!” Miguel nervous for me, agreed. Being the person I am, I grinned and automatically placed Najai in a platform of unprecedented respect. That was when I knew there is no way we were going to box. We were going to war. A prideful, toe to toe battle I’m glad to have been apart of. If Najai were still here, he would tell you the same.

As a fighter, there is absolutely no better feeling of fighting, bleeding and “brutally bonding” with another fighter. This is our ultimate reward. That was the only way Najai would of wanted it. And the only way he would have it. This is exactly how I will remember a warrior like Najai.